Fenix Couture


Fenix Couture is a vision of timeless, elegant and modern luxury brought to life by visually stimulating textile work. Through complex cutting, precision tailoring and exceptional detailing, the luxury ready-to-wear brand was founded in 2009 with the goal of making its designs known to the four corners of the globe and remaking wax prints into a global trend.

Fenix designs are inspired mainly by nature which is reinterpreted to render its designs in dramatically romantic prints and imagery. The goal of the Label is to bridge the gap between print wax materials and other materials in the consciousness of the fashion world. This goal has insured a seasonal exhibition of garments that are easy to wear, versatile, feminine, luxurious and subtly sexy; achieved through the vivid exploration of fabrics and wax prints that is the cornerstone of the label’s collections. It designs, constructs, and markets dresses for ladies. It has a special slant for working in prints rendered in contemporary motifs.

Fenix’s creative designer, Josephine Akioyamen, began her journey into the fashion world in Lagos, Nigeria, where she was born. As a little girl, she was enamored with the intricate colours of prints designs common within her African milieu. As a five year old, she developed a habit of taking her mother’s ‘wrappers’ (prints, wrap around pieces. of cloth), cut and design dresses with them for her dolls. On the urging of her doting dad, she studied fashion at Nicky Africana Fashion School in Lagos and at the George Brown College in Toronto Canada.

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