Kaela Kay is a forward thinking clothing line that transforms bold and extravagant prints into sexy, feminine and modern clothes – with an African flare. Kaela Kay’s success is due in part to the unique and ultramodern coupling of style and prints; the attention to intricate detail and creative symbolisms catapult Kaela Kay into the realm of luxurious fashion. With future goals to blossom Kaela Kay into a global brand, the grass roots of Kaela Kay’s longevity is to offer a powerhouse of style without definition and to keep all the clothes modern without losing femininity. Modeled after no one woman but designed for all women, Kaela Kay clothing is feminine yet strong; dainty yet bold; and totally, unconventionally, modern.


The Kaela Kay woman is…a woman who wants to stand out in a crowd, who wants to be heard over all the voices, a woman who respects her heritage and uses that to plan her future. She is a mother, a wife, and a corporate worker. She is educated and refined. She walks tall with her shoulders back, and she knows her worth. Classless, brash, and discourteous – she is not. She will play with anyone, and laughs with everyone. She loves, and she is loved. And she does all of this, looking fiercely gorgeous and perfectly distinctive in her Kaela Kay dress.


As head designer and creative director of Kaela Kay, Catherine Addai lives on creativity. She loves to play with prints, patters and crafty detail. Always following her intuition, she designs with one goal in mind: to design clothes that she would love to wear every day.

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